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The North & Stout

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We at The Mobile Mixer know it’s difficult to find personal space when the Irish get a few beers in them, and as much as Canadians love replicating the famed green holiday every March, we are over it when it comes to green beer and Jello shots. Introducing the North & Stout! North to honor our Canadian sourced products, and stout for the Irish inspiration.

Our blend of local ingredients is exactly what you need to get your St. Patrick’s Day started while you leave the rest behind. Whether you are at home alone, or gathering at a distance, this memorable concoction will bring some of good ol’ St. Patrick’s spirit to your glass.

The day of remembrance for the foremost patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick sees parades of people dressed in vivacious green costumes drinking the night away. St. Patrick’s Day parades began as early as the 18th century here in North America, so The Mobile Mixer team decided to mix up a drink that our community can enjoy at home while paying homage to our Saint in green, Patrick.

We are no strangers to the dark wooden bars and brasserie of Ireland. Our very own Stefan has paid his dues to our dear friend Patrick by drinking his way across the country in 2011. He recalls there are two types of people in Ireland – those drinking beer and those serving it (they swap late afternoon). We created the North & Stout to honour the dark and comfortable corners of Ireland. This drink is meant to evoke a sense of finding home in a new place; where strangers become friends and memories become fogged by the swirling foam atop a rich chestnut ale.

Mix up a taste of Ireland at home with this special release from The Mobile Mixer. The North & Stout is made up of some of our favourite local ingredients that tie a little bit of Niagara into this shamrock inspired drink. We use freshly roasted coffee from Signal Coffee, a whiskey from Tawse Winery, and a unique stout from Lock Street Brewing to be mixed with a classic dose of simple syrup and heavy cream (or substitute). We found some fun Irish themed glasses from the local thrift that looked like miniature wine glasses, and there you have it!

We started our North & Stout with a whisky from Tawse Winery, which is their first whisky release. This Pinot Noir barrel aged offering is full of rich aromas and flavour leaving lasting notes of oak, vanilla, and crème brulee in the glass. The sweeter notes bring a lot to our celebratory Irish drink, which is why we chose to pair it with the Blown Off Shore Oatmeal Stout from Lock Street Brewing. This annual release oatmeal stout is brewed with Balzac’s coffee and vanilla. The limited wax sealed bottle has the taste of the Irish written all over it, so this was a no-brainer for us. Finally, we chose to use our signature Mobile Mixer cold brew made with Signal Coffee Guatemala beans. The strong cold brew holds notes of toffee and chocolate that works to perfectly enhance the flavour palette of the rest of the drink.

So, grab your keys, and pick up your ingredients before March 17 to enjoy a North & Stout created by the Mobile Mixer for you to enjoy at home. We’ll use the luck of the Irish and hope you won’t be pairing this with bangers and mash, but let’s be honest, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Cheers!


1.5 oz Tawse whisky

3 oz Lock St Blown Off Shore Coffee Stout

2 oz Cold Brew

3/4 oz simple syrup

Top with heavy cream

Place in a shaker the whisky, cold brew & simple syrup with ice. Shake & strain the contents of the shaker into the glass filled with ice. Top with stout, then the heavy cream.

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