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The Cherry Lane

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

One of the most enjoyable elements of running The Mobile Mixer is our license to get creative and try new cocktail concoctions. This process usually involves collecting some information on the tastes & preferences of our clients, as well as finding out important details that could help create a unique flavour profile for their drink.

This process goes from enjoyable to rewarding when we create a drink that really nails what a client was envisioning, and that was the case with the Cherry Lane.

Cody & Renee came to us for a cocktail service they could offer their wedding guests between the ceremony and dinner time. Cody knew what he liked and gave us clear direction – his favourite spirit is bourbon (Buffalo Trace to be exact) and he likes his drinks stiff. The final piece to this cocktail puzzle was the venue, Cherry Lane Farms, and so we decided to include the local flavour straight from the farm itself in the form of their cherry concentrate, as well as a local red wine to use as the float.

The basic formula for the Cherry Lane comes from a New York Sour. The sour group of cocktails are some of the oldest cocktails in circulation, dating back as early as the 16th century when the British Navy needed a way to make rum, a readily available Caribbean spirit that kept better on long voyages. more palatable. The New York sour is thought to have been created in the 1880s in Chicago, going by several names before a bartender popularized the drink in the city which shares its name.

The New York is a classic bourbon-based Whisky Sour made more interesting, both visually and in flavour by adding a red wine float. A new world, fruity red wine would work best in this instance. Whilst egg white is not classically used in a sour, it adds a texture and look we really enjoy. Remember, whenever egg white is added to a cocktail, perform a dry shake (without ice) first to emulsify the egg white.

The sweet flavour notes of Buffalo Trace balanced out the tartness of the cherry concentrate nicely. We added cherry brandy to highlight that cherry flavour and add the extra sweetness required. Cherry Lane’s tart concentrate injected a full hit of cherry flavour.

This drink is best enjoy pre-dinner as an aperitif.


1.5 oz bourbon

0.75 oz cherry lane concentrate

.5 oz cherry brandy

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

0.5 oz egg white

0.5 oz Red wine

Straw and tooth picked cherry for garnish

Place in a shaker the bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup & egg white. Perform a dry shake (no ice), then add ice and shake again. Meanwhile, in a rocks glass, build the cherry concentrate and brandy. Top with ice. Strain the contents of the shaker into the glass. Carefully pour the red wine onto an upturned barspoon to achieve the red wine float, and garnish with a toothpicked cherry.

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